We are proud that our "Original Rye Bread from the Valais" is supported by Slow Food as a Presidio. The Slow Food Presidi are Slow Food projects to protect small quality productions that preserve traditional food crafts.





One recipe has accompanied the Arnold family of bakers from the very beginning: The sourdough rye bread. The range includes other specialities based on traditional recipes, such as Simpilär Härzini or Simipilär Horlini. The Christmas season is sweetened with panettone, the Easter season with bunnies made of the finest chocolate and the summer with delicious ice cream - all homemade, of course.

Pear slice bread

A bread that consists of around 80 percent fruit.


Senior chef Urs' favorite specialty.

Homemade ice cream

Homemade ice cream has a long tradition in our house.

Nut tart

Known as a Grisons specialty, the tart, like the tree nut itself, has its origins in southern climes.


Familiar with sourdough production thanks to his master craftsman's certificate, Amadeo has added the Milanese cake specialty to his range.

Rye bread

"Perhaps the most original bread in the whole country", the Tages-Anzeiger once wrote. Our sourdough rye bread is made using only pure rye flour, water and salt. Part of the dough from

© Bäckerei Arnold© Bäckerei Arnold

© Bäckerei Arnold

Simplon Härzjini

An original recipe by Anton Arnold from the 19th century with a lot of Simplon in taste.

© Bäckerei Arnold© Bäckerei Arnold

© Bäckerei Arnold

Simplon Horli

What is often regarded as "Chrüüzli" (Cross) by visitors from abroad has always been known as "Horli" by the locals.