Once upon a time, in a small mountain village in the Valais...

The history of the baker's family begins with Anton Arnold (1847-1923) alias "Bacher Tonu". He baked bread for the first time at the current location in 1887 and nine years later laid the foundation stone for the building with a bakery, a shop and a cellar.

Farmer and baker

In 1923, Viktor took over the bakery and farm from his father "Bacher Tonu". At that time, bread was baked at most once a week. Farming was therefore far more important to the family. Nevertheless, both of Viktor's sons, Meinrad and Amadé, learned the bakery craft.

Ds'Bacher Trudy

While Meinrad set up a bakery in today's "Stazüna", Amadé took over the "unner Bäckerii" in 1945. He left the farming to his mother Marie and aunt Antonia. For additional income, Amadé worked as a cook on construction sites such as the Mattmark in the summer. During these months, his wife Gertrud alias "ds Bacher Trudy" took care of business in the bakery. After Amadé's early death in 1965, "ds Bacher Trudy" was solely responsible for the fortunes of the bakery and the small coffee shop. Urs, the fifth of nine children, returned to the village three years later after his apprenticeship, where he helped his mother in the summer.

A man and his bread

After further years of apprenticeship in Western and German-speaking Switzerland, Urs alias "ds Bachi" took over his parents' business on 1 May 1977. With great dedication and entrepreneurial flair, "ds Bachi" expanded the business together with his wife Mathilde. Always with the next generation in mind, the bakery, shop, tea room and terrace were renovated and enlarged several times. As an apprentice, he passed on his expertise to five young locals, some of whom still work in the business today. Under the fourth generation, the small village bakery has developed into a renowned family business that is known throughout Switzerland for its original sourdough rye bread.

The new generation

After 35 years, Amadeo follows in his father's footsteps. As a vice European champion in his field, he continues the tradition of the bakery family with a lot of commitment and new ideas.

Ds'Bacher TrudyDs'Bacher Trudy

Ds'Bacher Trudy